Yoga for anyBody.

The application for EACH individual WILL be different.


Try out as many classes and teachers as you would like.

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We start from the premise that Yoga should be accessible and relevant. Yoga Mechanics teaches alignment yoga based on the foundations of anatomy and biomechanics. Each class is approachable and challenging all in one. We aim to educate you about your body and empower you through action. Our classes are woven with rich and contemplative content that draws you deeper into the physical practice. We hold a healthy space for you to consider your body and mind through a physical practice.

Yoga for anyBody and the application for EACH individual WILL be different. Our staff is highly trained to facilitate movement in your body, encouraging both strength and flexibility. Health begins one movement at a time. Let's do it.


Because Mechanics work. Having some tools, rules + principles about our bodies facilitates a deeper understanding of our experience in the world. We have witnessed how simple education about our anatomy leads to major transformation. Our focus is beyond the poses themselves as we believe in the benefit of movement AND thought woven together. We hold a space for this, everyday. So that you, we, everybody has a place to practice being themselves. To us, there is nothing more empowering.  



We suggest this class to anyone who is NEW to our studio. Ideal for those who want to learn the basic forms, and build a strong foundation for your Yoga practice. Everyone is welcome in this steady paced, level one class. Basic does not always mean easy, rest assured, this class is approachable throughout.


The Beginner Class is designed to introduce the student to the fundamental principles of alignment, breath work, and basic yoga postures.  Emphasis is placed on knowledge, understanding, safety, and stability within each pose.  This class is great for those who are new to yoga or for the practitioner who can benefit from going back to basics.


Chair Yoga offers students a gentle way to move through yoga poses with support. Tonia will lead students through a series of poses on chairs that promote movement without over effort and extra strain. This class is perfect for anyone with injury, arthritis, limited range of movement or for those just looking to move slower. 


Join our 2018 200 Hour Teacher Training Grads as they hold down our 2019 FREE Mixed Level Community Classes. Everyone is welcome in this multi-level class.  They will teach to who is there, respecting limit and encouraging each student’s capacity. This is a full spectrum class where every category of pose will be taught in each class. Energizing and Expanding and a time for growth.

Come out and support these new teachers. All classes (listed below) are FREE and run from 4:00pm - 5:15pm.

  • October 13, 2019 w/ Amanda Faison

  • October 20, 2019 w/ Maria Matesanz

  • November 3, 2019 w/ Victoria Kulesza

  • November 10, 2019 w/ Nicole Vitale

  • December 22, 2019 w/ Nicole Vitale


The first 45 minutes of this class is a slow and specific sequence designed to create warmth in the body through synergistic holds in each pose.  In the last 30 minutes, restorative poses and deeper rests are held. This class is designed to give space for release and thought. Everyone is welcome.


Everyone is welcome in this multi-level class.  Teachers teach to who is there, respecting limit and encouraging each student’s capacity. This is a full spectrum class where every category of pose will be taught in each class. Energizing and Expanding.

*Please note schedule, some Mixed Level classes are specifically designed to be a led practice.


This class is made up of 7-10 restorative poses, held for longer periods of time. Props will hold you up in deeply rejuvenating postures, leaving you feeling renewed and clear in your body, mind + heart. This class is perfect for beginners and those who are a bit scared to try yoga. Everyone loves it AND needs it. Every Thursday morning at 8:00am + one Sunday a month. 

Next Sunday/Monthly Restorative Yoga with Joe: TBA

Yoga Tune Up®

Yoga Tune Up® helps with the three P’s: it eases pain, improves posture and enhances performance. It is a way of working with the body using integrated embodied anatomy, breaking down the nuts of bolts of human movement with anatomical awareness, conscious relaxation and proper breathing techniques. Bring your self into an intimate understanding of your native architecture with this challenging, but accessible practice that incorporates movements from classical yoga, calisthenics, and body therapy.

While we do our best to keep everybody informed regarding changes, please be advised that schedule and teacher availability are subject to change without notice.



Get your first month of unlimited yoga for only $75! (WILL NOT roll into a recurring monthly autopay charge)

Enter promo code UNLIMITED! to get your first month of unlimited yoga for only $75 (This option WILL ROLL into a recurring monthly autopay charge of $150 after your first month at $75, No Contract, Terms + Conditions Apply)


Single Class / Drop-In: $25

5 Class Card: $120 (3-Month Expiration / $24 per class)

10 Class Card: $220 (6-Month Expiration / $22 per class)

20 Class Card: $400 (9-Month Expiration / $20 per class)

30 Class Card: $540 (12-Month Expiration / $18 per class)

GO UNLIMITED. | Unlimited Yoga $150 per month / month-to-month (No Contract, Terms + Conditions Apply) 



Registration will be open from Tuesday, October 1, 2019, through Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The window of participation is Tuesday, October 15, 2019, through, Saturday, December 15, 2019

The focus of this fall challenge is a commitment to MOVEMENT, especially in a time-period where busy-ness seems to take priority. The goals are higher than the summer event to hold you to the task and help us all see the value of moving more, even when we feel like we can't. Yes, you can.


  • 20 classes in 60 days, $500 credit towards Workshops/Trainings/Retreats

  • 30 classes in 60 days, $750 credit towards Workshops/Trainings/Retreats

  • 50 classes in 60 days, $1000 credit towards Workshops/Trainings/Retreats

Hit your goal and be entered into a raffle to win. Winner will be chosen at random.

he second part of this challenge is an ecology goal. We feed and support the continuity of many sources by where we put our energy, money, time. So matched with your movement goal is a pledge to make a change that supports the continuity of the world. It is a conscious change to make a small, yet important, shift in your use patterns hopefully for good. Think lessen your carbon footprint and you are on the right path. Some examples are:

  • If you eat meat: eat meat only 1/week and buy from local + reputable sources.

  • If you eat fish: eat fish only 1/week and buy farmed and sustainable sources.

  • Buy toilet paper with no tubes.

  • Use washable towels to dry your hands, not paper towels.

  • Never use plastic bags, carry your load: exercise + ecologically sound ways = very cool.

  • Buy used clothes, consignment shopping is great, reuse.

  • Buy reusable containers for food storage and travel.

  • Use coral safe SPF/Suntan lotions.

  • Stop using amazon just for convenience.

  • Get to know the sources, what companies are you supporting through your purchase.

  • Buy rain catchers to gather water and water your lawns.

  • Compost.

  • Have a home garden.

  • Use reusable water bottles.

  • Scale back on car use.

  • Walk + bike it out.

  • Shop every day. When we buy less food we throw less out. What if you made a pact to only buy as much as you could carry out, without a cart.

  • Shut off lights when you leave the room.

  • Time your showers, under 10 minutes.

  • Eat your leftovers, food is food and waste is waste. Eat it!

  • VOTE.

This event is for everyone and we hope you feel inspired by this call to action in both your body and the world. Let's make some change.


INDIA 2020

A Letter from Vishali: Why INDIA is calling your name.

For the past 12 years, I have led the temple pilgrimage of South India in order to introduce yogis and yoginis to the generous culture and spiritual heart of the home of Yoga.  The growth of yoga has evolved so much in the last 12 years and that means our hearts and minds have opened more to the knowledge that is accessible in a way never before. This trip is a way to tap into the vast source of experience and knowledge that yoga offers. 

Next July we will lead a pilgrimage unlike any other.  I had always imagined the possibility that we could create a pilgrimage that would offer an extraordinary opportunity where we acknowledge the richness of cultural diversity in ways that take us deeply into Indian culture and through gateways that would otherwise be closed. Here we will extend the bonds of community by entering into the ancient communities that offer depth and character in the richness of personal lives and valued spiritual identities.

We will start out our journey for a few days together in Chidambaram exploring the roots and evolution of yoga pilgrimage in the temple traditions. There we will visit the most important refuges, the temples of the Hindu tradition and learn how the roots of yoga influence our modern practice.

Special preparation, clothing, and accessories are an important part of these pilgrimages for both men and women. Therefore we will have conference calls with Vishali as preparation so he can explain more about the whole process and purpose of vratya.  A vratya is one who joins into a vow, a commitment to journey inside and outside under agreed circumstances.  Such vratya journeys are defined by food, dress, defined spiritual practices, special pilgrimage sites, and specific rituals shared.  The effort means to create something liminal, a threshold experience that defines a sacred journey.

We are just getting started on our preparations. Now is the perfect time to sign up. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Vishali at 561-573-5012.

Trip Dates: July 7, 2020 - July 19, 2020

Investment: $5795, includes round-trip coach airfare from New York to Chennai, accommodations, donations and tips, transportation, breakfasts, lunches, and entrance fees. Does not include: Additional money necessary for clothing, souvenirs, dinners, alcohol, and additional donations. Hotels will be double occupancy. If you need a roommate we will match you with someone, and all rooms have air conditioning and private western bath. A price without airfare can be arranged for those who live outside the US and Canada. 

Payment Plans: Once your application has been accepted, Vishali will contact you about making payment arrangements. The terms of the payment plan are: Initial deposit is $1295. After that, monthly payments will be due to cover the balance before May 2019.

Preparation: There will be extensive ongoing preparation provided throughout the remainder of the year so you will be completely prepared for your journey. Vishali coordinates all the preparation and will start sending you information as soon as you register. 

Application: Please see the questions below. Send your answers to vishali@vishalivarga.com. After you return your application Vishali will let you know if there is space within 5 days. At that point, you will receive details on how to complete your registration, an outline of instructions for logistics and preparation, and cancellation policy. Please get your application in early, as we expect to sell out.

Please copy and paste these questions into a document or into the body of an email.

  1. Full Passport Name

  2. Home Address

  3. Email Address

  4. Cell Phone #

  5. Date of Birth

  6. Passport Number and Country

  7. Is there someone you would like to room with who is also applying?

  8. Do you have any medical or physical issues, or have you had any in the past 5 years? 

  9. Do you have any dietary issues? 

  10. Have you ever traveled in a developing country? If yes, where and for what purpose?

  11. Have you been to India before?  If yes where and for what purpose?

Answer the questions and email omni@yogamechanics.com and vishali@vishalivarga.com. Or if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.


2020 200 HR Yoga "Teacher" Training  

Yoga is a rich term. It describes many processes of engagement and is beautifully complex. Just. Like. You. To truly understand the many facets of this tradition of practices it takes time. You may have been practicing Yoga for a while now and are searching for more insight and depth. Or you might just be beginning and wanting to have more information as you build and grow. No matter, our 200 Hour Level One Yoga "Teacher" Training is the right space.

The word, "Teacher" is in quotes, because although we empower you with the tools to lead a group yoga class, the heart of this training is focused around YOU. Some students do end up teaching, but most are there to further their understanding of Yoga. In our training program, we focus on the key Yoga tools/technologies:

  • ASANA (Physical Practice)

  • PRANAYAMA (Breath Practice)

  • MEDITATION (Mindfulness Practice)

  • PHILOSOPHY/DARSHAN (Viewpoint Practice)

What we know is that the information we present is compelling and evocative. Every year it is a privilege to witness each student hear, assimilate and offer what they learn in their own unique way. Furthermore, our training is spaced out over the course of a year ON PURPOSE. The information we cover is rich and needs time to be processed. We meet basically every 3 weeks on Sat/Sun from 1:00pm - 7:00pm on those days.

Lastly, this is training for everyone, all levels welcome. If you have an interest in this material, the course is good for you. It is normal to have questions and hesitations, feel free to reach out to omni@yogamechanics.com. Next steps: Look through the dates listed below, make sure you can come to at least 12 of the 14 weekends. Then review the financial investment and policies.

2020 Dates:

January 18/19, February 8/9, February 29/ March 1, March 21/22, April 18/19, May 2/3, June 6/7, June 27/28, July 25/26, August 15/16, September 26/27, October 17/18, November 14/15, December 5/6


  • $4700

  • Early Bird Cost: $4200 ($1500 non-refundable deposit must be made by 11/15/19)

  • Pay in Full (cash or checks only) at anytime $4200

Payment Plans are available for all. Payments plans have a 5% convenience fee added to the total cost. Payment Plan schedule is as follows:

  • $1500 non-refundable deposit made by 11/15

  • Remainder spread out in 12 auto-debits beginning 12/1/2019-12/1/2020 for the amount of $242.50 a month.

  • If you miss the early bird pricing option, the deposit is the same + monthly payment will be $286.25 a month instead.

Policies: NO REFUNDS, studio credit only. In terms of all Teacher Trainings, the $1500 deposit is non-refundable. Once trainings start, as per signed contract, participants have a 2-week window to withdraw from the training. We ask all trainees to consider this commitment seriously. We hold to these policies to ensure the success of all trainings.


Almost all of our teachers are E-RYT 500, which is the highest level recognized by the Yoga Alliance. Our staff far surpasses industry standards when it comes to continuing education (many have over 3000+ hours of study) and have between 3-10+ years of teaching experience.

We believe that well educated / well practiced teachers make better teachers, hands down. We are here to provide a safe and structured class that offers you a mechanical advantage for success.

(Yoga Educators are listed as follows: Co-Owners Omni + Daryl, then alphabetically by First Name)