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We start from the premise that Yoga should be accessible and relevant. Yoga Mechanics teaches alignment yoga based on the foundations of anatomy and biomechanics. Each class is approachable and challenging all in one. We aim to educate you about your body and empower you through action. Our classes are woven with rich and contemplative content that draws you deeper into the physical practice. We hold a healthy space for you to consider your body and mind through a physical practice.

Yoga for anyBody and the application for each individual WILL be different. Our staff is highly trained to facilitate movement in your body, encouraging both strength and flexibility. Health begins one movement at a time. Let's do it.


Because Mechanics work. Having some tools, rules + principles about our bodies facilitates a deeper understanding of our experience in the world. We have witnessed how simple education about our anatomy leads to major transformation. Our focus is beyond the poses themselves as we believe in the benefit of movement AND thought woven together. We hold a space for this, everyday. So that you, we, everybody has a place to practice being themselves. To us, there is nothing more empowering.  


Are you interested in our dharma yogi / work exchange program? Email dharmayogi@yogamechanics.com today. 



We suggest this class to anyone who is NEW to our studio. Ideal for those who want to learn the basic forms and build a strong foundation for your Yoga practice. Everyone is welcome in this steady paced, level one class. Basic does not always mean easy, rest assured, this class is approachable throughout.


The Beginner Class is designed to introduce the student to the fundamental principles of alignment, breath work and basic yoga postures.  Emphasis is placed on knowledge, understanding, safety and stability within each pose.  This class is great for those who are new to yoga or for the practitioner who can benefit from going back to basics.


Mobility, Joint Strength, Body Control: Learn how to strengthen joints and improve flexibility. Teach the nervous system how to control acquired ranges in the body. Use active stretching to move beyond static isometric holds. Mobility refers to the amount of active, usable motion that one possesses. While improving mobility and movement potential, we will also ‘bulletproof’ (or safeguard) your joints so that movement can be executed safely. This leads to a reduction of pain and injury, joint health and longevity, as well as an increased ability to move freely and easily.

Begins Tuesday, October 23, 2018 at 6:00pm, with Jeff Posner.


Chair Yoga offers students a gentle way to move through yoga poses with support. Tonia will lead students through a series of poses on chairs that promote movement without over effort and extra strain. This class is perfect for anyone with injury, arthritis, limited range of movement or for those just looking to move slower. 


This workshop series is designed to provide a middle ground. A bridge from a sedentary life, or from physical therapy and injury back to more movement in the body. In most cases, the jump from not moving very much to exercises classes is relatively extreme and although sometimes it can work, it may also exacerbate the challenges you faced previously. Most exercise classes, including Yoga, can be too much, to begin with.

For full workshop details, click here.


The first 45 minutes of this class is a slow and specific sequence designed to create warmth in the body through synergistic holds in each pose.  In the last 30 minutes, restorative poses and deeper rests are held. This class is designed to give space for release and thought. Everyone is welcome.


Everyone is welcome in this multi-level class.  Teachers teach to who is there, respecting limit and encouraging each student’s capacity. This is a full spectrum class where every category of pose will be taught in each class. Energizing and Expanding.

*Please note schedule, some Mixed Level classes are specifically designed to be a led practice.


This class is made up of 7-10 restorative poses, held for longer periods of time. Props will hold you up in deeply rejuvenating postures, leaving you feeling renewed and clear in your body, mind + heart. This class is perfect for beginners and those who are a bit scared to try yoga. Everyone loves it AND needs it. Every Thursday morning at 8:00am + one Sunday a month. 

Next Sunday/Monthly Restorative Yoga with Joe: Sunday, November 11, 2018, from 1:00pm - 2:15pm + Sunday, December 2, 2018, from 1:00pm - 2:15pm..


Y12SR is a 12-step based discussion and yoga practice that is open to anyone and everyone dealing with their own addictive behavior or affected by the addictive behavior of others. This is an open and inclusive group. All are welcome.

Begins, Sunday, October 7, 2018, from 7:30pm - 9:30pm. Wear comfortable clothing. Meetings are by donation, suggested donation $15 - $20, CASH ONLY PLEASE. Partial proceeds will be contributed to Kula for Karma and/or Give Back Yoga. The remainder will continue to fund our Yoga for 12-Step [Recovery] program.


Join Michal in a relevant movement discussion on how to age gracefully and maintain movement capacity. Yoga is a beautiful platform to sustain a range of motion and strength in the body as we age. Michal will offer ways to dynamically insert yoga as a tool for living in our bodies well and with health and mobility. This workshop is for EVERYONE as we all will age someday. Foresight allows consciousness.


Open to runners of all levels, this 60-minute yoga class is focused on relieving tightness in the body with yoga, myofascial release, and breathwork that will also aid in recovery and improve mental focus. You'll walk away with practical tools that you can use before, during and after race day for better performance, healthy range of motion and stay injury-free! 

Next Session with Katherine Oakes: Saturday, October 20, 2018, from 1:00pm - 2:00pm

While we do our best to keep everybody informed regarding changes, please be advised that schedule and teacher availability are subject to change without notice.


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Date: Thursday, October 25, 2018 | Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm

A Movement Workshop on How We Stand and Why It Matters.

No one teaches us how to stand, and yet we are expected to exude strength, grace, and confidence. In this movement workshop, learn why it matters how we stand. Learn and create a conscious stance that can help you feel confident in your body.

This workshop is part of Montclair Design Week and is FREE of charge. Must register by clicking here (it is not through Mind Body).

Please consider PAYING IT FORWARD to help them keep it that way.

Regular classes will be canceled for the night.


Dates: Tuesdays, 10/23/18, 10/30/18, 11/6/18, 11/13/18, 11/20/18, 11/27/18 | Time: 9:30am - 10:45am

Registration NOW OPEN | 6-Week Series | Investment: $200

Movement Off the Mat is six-week movement workshop that takes you off the limitations of your mat so that you are free to explore more possibility and expand your capacity. This class draws upon dance, yoga and primal movement concepts incorporating core work, full range of movement exercises, coordination skills, stretching, movement in space, and uninhibited free expression of self. If you have ever wanted a beginner dance class, curious about moving your body in more dynamic ways or just want to MOVE this workshop is for you. Join Donna on Tuesdays from 9:30-10:45 from Oct 23-Nov 27 for an exploration and discovery of your Movement capacity.

Affirming Life: Group Coaching and Meditation Experience with Joe Gandarillas

Dates: Thursdays, 11/1/18, 11/8/18, 11/15/18, 11/29/18, 12/6/18, 12/13/18 | Time: 9:30am - 11:00am

Registration NOW OPEN | 6-Week Series | Investment: $200

In a world of MORE, we need tools to thrive. In this six-week workshop series, Joe will guide you through a group coaching experience of growth. Each week will offer you ways to facilitate more focus, productivity, influence and ultimately more success. Joe will weave Meditation and his expertise as one of the 200 elite certified high-performance coaches in the world to support the group. Transformation takes effort, structure, and encouragement. It also takes the right questions that spur change. This series is a strategic process dedicated to your development. Upon completion of the series, each participant will also receive a free follow-up 30-minute personal session with Joe to personalize what you have learned and tailor it to your specific needs. Affirm your life and your capacity to live life well.

Workshop Series will not meet on Thanksgiving.


FALL SERIES: Began Friday, October 5, 2018, from 1:00pm - 2:30pm | Series runs on Fridays, for 12 Weeks

Registration NOW OPEN, $225 | Email omni@yogamechanics.com to inquire.

This workshop series is designed to provide a middle ground. A bridge from a sedentary life, or from physical therapy and injury back to more movement in the body. In most cases, the jump from not moving very much to exercises classes is relatively extreme and although sometimes it can work, it may also exacerbate the challenges you faced previously. Most exercise classes, including Yoga, can be too much, to begin with.

This workshop is a progression into movement. Through corrective exercises, we will work to increase range of motion and overall strength so that our bodies may regain a sense of organic responsiveness. This is not a Yoga class, although you may see familiar shapes. Participants will also leave with a deeper understanding of what baseline looks like in their bodies. Education and information will be woven throughout the class.

This course is for everyone, of course. To be more specific, this course is for those seeking to age with movement as a part of their life maintenance. It is for folks moving from PT back into movement practices. It is for those who have had surgery/disease/life and need a slow progression back into movement. This class is for those who don't love Yoga or are a bit intimidated by Yoga. This is an accessible and practical route towards connection with the body.

Movement is our nature, come learn general exercises to rekindle movement and maintain structural and functional health. 

This Workshop series is a separate pricing option from Regular Class Cards. 



The Yoga Mechanics 200 Hour RYT | Level 1, Teacher Training will give you the tools you need to be an effective and confident Yoga Educator. We know the depth of becoming a leader in the Yoga Community. We believe that when you invest in education, you are investing in yourself, which is why we have worked to create a program that honors your time + investment. Learning new things takes time to assimilate. You will have the space to learn and grow in this 12 month program.

Becoming a Yoga Educator involves more than just learning names of poses. We will cover each facet of the 4 Yogic formulas: Asana, Meditation, Philosophy and Pranayama. Each provide skills that open avenues for self-reflection. Honoring context and history, we will study the Mahabharata, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads + Yoga Sutras. We will discuss at length, Tantric philosophy, its differentiation from a dual/classical perspective and the ways it is applicable today. We will learn to engage with ourselves from a place of wholeness and study how this is mirrored in our body through Anatomy, Kinesiology and Biomechanics.

2019 Dates (ALL weekend dates are Saturday + Sunday, the hours on each day are 1:00pm - 7:00pm):

January 26 + 27
February 16 + 17
March 9 + 10
March 30 + 31
April 27 + 28
May 18 + 19
June 8 + 9
June 29 + 30
July 20 + 21
August 17 + 18
September 7 + 8
October 5 + 6
October 26 + 27
November 16 + 17
Makeup Date: December 7 + 8

If you register before September 15th, 2108, the training is $4,000 (payment plans are available)
If you pay in full - $3,950
After September 15, 2018, Full Price of $4,400 stands (payment plans are available)

To register, only the $1500 non-refundable deposit is due to reserve your space in the training. The remainder will be broken up into monthly payments beginning January 1, 2019.

Do not make this decision alone. Email omni@yoagmechanics.com to access and see if Yoga Mechanic's Teacher Training is a good fit for you. 



If you teach Yoga, then YOU are apart of the evolving future of this vast and varied industry. It has taken us 4 years to get to this moment. To be able to have an Advanced Training that goes above and beyond the basics. In this year-long program, we will meet once a week and dive into the depths of what it means to teach Yoga.

We will begin by moving backwards and studying the orthopraxis of India and how Yoga made it to the West. History gives us information from which we can glean insight and apply it to the present. The narrative and myths, icons and lore will offer many platforms for contemplation. From this information, we will explore our own ideologies and truths and put even our most prized opinions under the scope for further questioning.

We will study established methods, rules, protocols and ascertain when they work and when they don’t. We will offer tools, techniques, and technologies that aid in the delivery and efficacy of each teacher’s offering. We want more than just dharma talk sandwiches and IKEA cues. We want teachers who speak with clarity. We want Yoga teachers who are anatomists and body-lovers at heart. We will facilitate this group in deepening their personal asana practice, refining their approach and curating their potency. We are not interested in overly aspirational ideologies of perfection. We are looking for teachers who love to learn, are not afraid to banish their personal box and who are craving an honest conversation about what we are doing in Yoga.

2018 registration is now closed. 2019 dates/fees TBA.



Almost all of our teachers are E-RYT 500, which is the highest level recognized by the Yoga Alliance. Our staff far surpasses industry standards when it comes to continuing education (many have over 3000+ hours of study) and have between 3-10+ years of teaching experience.

We believe that well educated / well practiced teachers make better teachers, hands down. We are here to provide a safe and structured class that offers you a mechanical advantage for success.