Yoga for anyBody.


We start from the premise that Yoga should be accessible and relevant. Yoga Mechanics teaches alignment yoga based on the foundations of anatomy and biomechanics. Each class is approachable and challenging all in one. We aim to educate you about your body and empower you through action. Our classes are woven with rich and contemplative content that draws you deeper into the physical practice. We hold a healthy space for you to consider your body and mind through a physical practice.

Yoga for anyBody and the application for each individual WILL be different. Our staff is highly trained to facilitate movement in your body, encouraging both strength and flexibility. Health begins one movement at a time. Let's do it.


Because Mechanics work. Having some tools, rules + principles about our bodies facilitates a deeper understanding of our experience in the world. We have witnessed how simple education about our anatomy leads to major transformation. Our focus is beyond the poses themselves as we believe in the benefit of movement AND thought woven together. We hold a space for this, everyday. So that you, we, everybody has a place to practice being themselves. To us, there is nothing more empowering.  



Monthly Restorative Yoga with Joe (Montclair): 8/14/16 at 12:45pm
Weekly Restorative Yoga with Joe (Montclair): Thursday's at 8:00am
Monthly Family Yoga (Montclair): 9/17/2016 at 4:00pm
Weekly Restorative Yoga with Stacy (Madison): Beginning July 3, 2016 at 11:00am

While we do our best to keep everybody informed regarding changes, please be advised that schedule and teacher availability are subject to change without notice.


Movement Matters: Unlimited Yoga $105 / Month (Terms + Conditions Apply) 
New Students enter promo code "UNLIMITED!" at checkout to get your first month for $54!

Single Class / Drop-In: $22
5 Class Card: $100 ($20 per class)
10 Class Card: $170 ($17 per class)

THE PRACTICE PROJECT SALE: 20 Class Card: $300 ($15 per class, Limited Time)

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Summer brings a new energy. With the warmth comes the possibility for growth and shift. With that same heat can come a sense of inertia and stagnation. Last year, over 150 people signed up for our Practice Project at YM. Each participant committed to either 10, 20, 30 classes in a 45 day window. If they completed it, they were entered in a drawing to win some fabulous prizes. It was such a huge success, we are doing it again!

The intention behind this Practice Project is to invite you all to commit to yourself this summer. Every time you step on your mat, you cultivate and create! Why not have a theme to build on? Maybe you want to bring a quality of play to your practice, or perhaps engagement on a new level. Whatever it is, bring it.

This is a FREE EVENT, Registration begins this Monday 7/11 in the studios!
Step One: Sign up in studio.
Step Two: Commit to 10, 20, 30 yoga classes between 7/15/16-8/30/16
Step Three: Take A Picture declaring your project and post to Instagram.
Step Four: Tag us [@yogamechanics][0] and make sure to hashtag #practiceproject2016.
Step Five: Go to classes and bring your project to life!
Step Six: If you complete your classes, you will be entered to win Free Yoga!
Step Seven: Come to the Shindig on 9/23 to celebrate and see if you won!

Besides a sense of purpose and fun? :)
If you register and complete 10 classes, you will be entered to win 3 months of free yoga.
If you register and complete 20 classes, you will be entered to win 6 months of free yoga.
If you register and complete 30 classes, you will be entered to win 12 months of free yoga.

On Friday, September 23rd from 6:30-9pm we will celebrate the summer's work with a yoga class and live music at our Montclair location. There, we will announce the winners and honor the commitments we all have made. Food and community are always a good time.

To help, we are opening up the 20 class card for a limited time so that you can stock up for the summer and commit to your Practice Project. Questions about registration? Email erica@yogamechanics.com.

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The Yoga Mechanics 200 Hour RYT | Level 1, Teacher Training will give you the tools you need to be an effective and confident Yoga Educator. We know the depth of becoming a leader in the Yoga Community. We believe that when you invest in education, you are investing in yourself, which is why we have worked to create a program that honors your time + investment. Learning new things takes time to assimilate. You will have the space to learn and grow in this 10 month program.

Becoming a Yoga Educator involves more than just learning names of poses. We will cover each facet of the 4 Yogic formulas: Asana, Meditation, Philosophy and Pranayama. Each provide skills that open avenues for self-reflection. Honoring context and history, we will study the Mahabharata, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads + Yoga Sutras. We will discuss at length, Tantric philosophy, its differentiation from a dual/classical perspective and the ways it is applicable today. We will learn to engage with ourselves from a place of wholeness and study how this is mirrored in our body through Anatomy, Kinesiology and Biomechanics.



Teaching Yoga is a craft, an artform. Like any good art, it is only for those who are willing to do the work. Our training starts from the premise that consistency over time creates potency. What we practice, we embed in ourselves and our students. Industry dictates that you are a full blown Yoga Teacher with just 200 hours under your belt. Respectfully, we disagree. In what other career is only 200 hours enough training? We look at those first training hours as your foundation and more education is absolutely necessary. No matter what style of Yoga you teach, this training is a deepening course purposefully created to empower teachers with practical and effective teaching tools. We will offer you a rich set of skills to feel grounded in a seat of leadership with integrity and context.

The Yoga Mechanics 300 Hour RYT | Level 2 Teacher Training is designed to make you a more effective teacher. No matter what your background of Yoga is, you will improve radically. Broken down into 6 modules, each part builds on the previous. For this reason, this is a closed training. Once we begin, the group is contained and will develop together.


Almost all of our teachers are E-RYT 500, which is the highest level recognized by the Yoga Alliance. Our staff far surpasses industry standards when it comes to continuing education (many have over 3000+ hours of study) and have between 3-10+ years of teaching experience.

We believe that well educated / well practiced teachers make better teachers, hands down. We are here to provide a safe and structured class that offers you a mechanical advantage for success.