Yoga Mechanics teaches alignment yoga based on the foundations of anatomy and biomechanics. Each class is woven together with thematic and contemplative content that helps each student leverage the physical practice. We use the empowering platform of Yoga as a way to functional fitness, facilitating our students towards action and health in their bodies and lives. Not to mention, you will get a great workout.


Ethics: Yoga class can go really wrong, really fast. We care deeply about what is appropriate in the realm of Yoga Class. We aim to create a non-denominational space for personal exploration through movement and contemplative thought. Everyone is welcome to learn about themselves in a healthy manner.

Education: Yoga is a learned skill and we can teach you. The foundation of our approach is anatomy and the biomechanics of the body. From those backgrounds, we use Yoga poses as vehicles for functional fitness. You will be educated about your body as you move your body. Simple education allows potent transformation.

Efficacy:  We want this to work...well. Through alignment in every pose, you will be able to track and measure your growth and improvement. Your class will offer you feedback for progression.

Empowerment:  Every class is designed in layers to leave you feeling ready to face your world. Through contemplative content you will consider yourself and your actions on and off the mat. Our highest goal is to help you help yourself in your world.


Our hope is that students feel inspired + equipped with the tools they need to navigate themselves and the world around them. 

Our rooms are not heated. On average the rooms run around 75-80 degrees, making the experience comfortable and accessible.

Our teachers far surpass industry standard with both education and experience. Simply put, our instructors have studied more and have taught longer. Time + education makes better teachers who can assist mixed level classes well.

Yoga for anyBody. We start from the premise that Yoga is a skill that actually needs to be taught. In every class you will have detailed instruction that helps you stay safe and gets you deeper into the pose. There is a place for every body and every level practitioner. The pace of our classes is consistent and steady. You will leave with a sense of durability and readiness to face your day.

Perspective matters. Our studios are rooted in the gorgeous lens of Srividya Tantra. Which may not mean anything now, but it will be one of the reasons you stay. The way we think about our body and life matter. The paradigm we operate from IS different than 95% of the Yoga studios out there. Come experience the difference.

Healthy Boundaries. We know that Yoga class can go bad really quickly. We have strict guidelines for our teachers, so that a neutral, non-denominational space is held for every student. There will not be any unnecessary assisting or touching. Effective teaching is important to us, we will leave the fluff behind.


  • We offer Daily Yoga classes for adults and monthly specialty classes.

  • We have monthly Workshops that offer students more depth in all facets of a Yoga practice.

  • We have highly rated, 200 and 300 hour Teacher Training programs, recognized by the Yoga Alliance.


Our approach in teaching Yoga is making everyone feel invited. In a non-competitive environment, our teachers instruct based on the students that come to class. This responsive class environment is our key to success. Our student body ranges in age from 16-85 years of age. Our specialty classes serve particular needs, i.e. Baisc, Gentle, Restorative, Yoga for Runners, Yoga for 12-Step + more.