Choose to have a session at the workplace or arrange a private session at one of our studios. Together we will work to develop a time slot and day of the week that works best for your company. Classes are 60 minutes. 

Corporate Class Packages:

$140 single session

$500 for 4 sessions ($125 per session | save $15 per session)

$960 for 8 sessions ($120 per session | save $20 per session)

Our corporate classes are structured so that ANY body can participate. If you've taken Yoga classes for years or want to try it for the first time, all are welcome! Participants can expect a well-rounded class that is educational, alignment focused and thought provoking. You will be invited to engage in a physical and mental process with your body through movement and stability. Our Yoga educators encourage others to sustain health and longevity in their body to be able to continue doing all the things they need and want to do in their everyday life. We will do this through a process of moving through different Yoga poses. If your job requires you to sit most of the day at a desk or in front of a computer, moving through some basic Yoga poses for an hour out of the day can help lower stress, promote longevity through your day and also offers you basic tools to incorporate into your every day life.

For more information or to inquire, please email