Such a simple statement. One of those sentences so deep in meaning you can fail to receive its message. The words can fly by you, but if you pause and slow down, repeat the words, the message begins to unravel and reveal its significance.

You have capacity.
I have capacity.

You have the capacity to meet every moment of your life. How do I know this? Are you alive? Have you overcome/survived every obstacle thus far in your life? If you are breathing, the answer is “yes.”. Your body is a beautiful reflection of your capacity. The very fact that you are breathing, your heart is beating, your kidneys are doing kidney things…. all of this is proof of your capacity. Your life. The checks and balances of life are incredibly fine. We lose sight of the magnificence of what it is to just be alive.

This is not completely our fault though. We have created a culture based on idealism and imagination coupled with all the action it takes to bring a dream into reality. So that is cool — no hate on the beauty of creation. And we are human and the insatiability of our species has become voracious. Bookstores have self-help sections that span miles, teaching us all how to take our life to the next level. If you don’t have an amazing Instagram, you develop FOMO. So you throw your arms up and shout YOLO and keep chasing this idea that one day you will have everything you need and you will be frozen in time and coast in the glory of life. Goal planning and believing the false rhetoric that you can achieve the perfect life will never protect you from the truth that the world is chaotic and compelling. You and I and all of us are within the vast nature of the world. Awful and beautiful.

You are a mammal. Your very existence is made possible by repeating cycles. Cells are born, sustain, and die. If they don’t die, you’ve got a problem. Nothing lasts forever. Life is fickle and full. It changes and moves in a way that cannot be nailed down. Refer to the idea of a self-organizing criticality here*. The repetition of these essential cycles are the basis of your existence.

So when life dropkicks you in the face, or the ground crumbles beneath you and everything you once knew deteriorates right in front of your eyes, I have three words for you: You have capacity. Close your eyes, listen to your breath, follow the beating of your heart. You are alive, and one breath at a time you will face the next task. No matter if it turns out a success or a failure, you have capacity. You can meet every moment of your life. Trust in that. Continue.

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