An interesting conversation goes on in my mind — whether the world has inherent momentum, like destiny, or whether by our movements we turn the hamster wheel. Whether we’re being pushed or we are a part of the pushing. In the Bhagavad Gita there is a phrase that says, in essence, no effort is ever lost; by our effort and action we uphold the world:

“In this there is no forfeiture of effort, nor an obstacle to completion” - 2.40 BG translated by J.A.B. van Buitenen

I would hate to think that I have no participation in the inevitability of myself. I think it is more inspiring to start from the premise that I am equipped with the capacity to meet the world AND that I can co-create with life. The memoirist Elizabeth Gilbert once alluded to the idea that unlike other animals, human beings are mammals who try to make things more beautiful with our time. Perhaps because we are higher up on the food chain we have a lot less surviving to do. Not to discount the hardship and challenges we all face, but we are privileged in many ways. That there is this implicit need in our culture to make beautiful or make better the world is, if nothing else, a great benefit of bigger and evolved brains. You can also call it positivity if that sits better :). We have the possibility to invoke meaning into each and every day—from the most simple tasks to the greatest feats of courage and bravery.

A friend of mine said, “Not everything is profound, you know?” I know where he's coming from, but at this point in my life I guess I do see the incredible success of everything that is here. This is the way I make the world beautiful — by recognizing and acknowledging the value and the profound nature of everything that seems mundane. I do not ascribe to the idea that happiness is the only way. Rather I see the effort involved in each of our experiences and I think, it IS worth it. At least for me, what else are we supposed to be doing here? We all carve connection and create meaning in our life. The messaging within us, the DNA, repeats and is influenced by the very environment we live in. To me that points to our participation in and collaboration with life. When we discount our role in it all, we begin to break down the very fabric that weaves us together. What if we all adopted apathy and gave up on everything in the hopes that destiny would kick us along? I think it would only speed up the entropy of the universe.

So I go back time and time again to the notion that the world is worth the effort, worth my effort. That I have been given agency, the ability to act in my life. That in fact, this is my greatest responsibility and my greatest gift. That no action is ever made in vain and that day by day, action by action we create the great landscape that is our life. So I ask you, "Do you think it is worth the effort?" I hope if nothing else this short blog made you think back to the most universal question in all of our lives, “Why are we here?” And maybe the reason we are here isn't profound, maybe it is magical and destined. Maybe you find the purpose of life in the mundane tasks of the day. Whatever the it is, may it help you find leverage in your life. May it keep you going to the next action at hand, so that we may collectively endeavor and uphold the integrity of our world.